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Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (Double Dispenser)

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Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers give guests a neat and convenient way to stow their wet umbrella, preventing water accumulation and slippery lobby floors. Now available with a unique double dispenser design to accommodate high traffic areas with a higher degree of visitor flow.

Size & Weight of Stands and Bags

  • Brush Stainless Stand Size: 12.99" (Width) x 17.72" (Depth) x 30.70" (Height)
  • Brush Stainless Stand Weight: 35 lbs. (approximately)
  • Gold Stand Size: 12.99" (Width) x 17.72" (Depth) x 30.70" (Height)
  • Gold Stand Weight: 36 lbs. (approximately)
  • Long Bag Size: 5.51" (Width) x 29.33" (Length)
  • Long Bag Weight: 8 lbs. (approximately)
  • Short Bag Size: 5.51" (Width) x 16.73" (Length)
  • Short Bag Weight: 5 lbs. (approximately)

Product Features

Only Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers give guests the ability to wrap their wet umbrella in a single, fluid motion.

  • Compact and elegant
  • Double dispenser design
  • Accommodates higher traffic areas
  • Minimal disruption to interior design
  • Ideal for use in rainy and snowy environments
  • Prevents puddles and other dangerous water accumulation
  • Maintenance Free: Does not require electricity / other connections
  • Accommodates both short (folding) and long umbrellas
  • Both the Brushed Stainless and Gold Wrappers come with Black "Collars" at the top of the stand
  • The Hole Spacing on the bags have a distance of approximately 3.5” (on center) in between the two holes
  • All of the Plastic Wet Umbrella Bags are RECYCLABLE!

Bag Refill Instructions

Click here to download instructions for bag refills

Double Dispenser Technology

New to our collection, our double dispenser umbrella wrapper accommodates larger crowds with twice the number of wet umbrella bags. Reduces the need for dispenser refills, and ensures guests always have the ability to bag their wet umbrella.

Smart Wrapping Process

Now featuring a smart design that envelops umbrellas with minimal mess. With a larger top hole and improved wrapping mechanism, umbrellas are easily wrapped on the first try.

Improved Aesthetics and Colors

Every Automatic Umbrella Wrapper is made with a stylish and sophisticated stainless steel finish and topped with black. New gold finish is also available, creating a more sophisticated look to complement traditional décor.

Compact Size

Each unit features a compact size, designed exclusively to minimize clutter while minimizing disturbance within busy entryways or reception areas.

Advanced Wrapping Mechanism

With an all-new advanced wrapping mechanism, Automatic Umbrella Baggers wrap both long and short (folding) umbrellas without tearing bags, partially bagging umbrellas, or other wrapping inconsistencies.

Larger Top Hole with Grooves

Now manufactured with a larger top hole to ensure easy insertion and bagging. Larger top holes also feature grooves to guide both long and short (folding) umbrellas effortlessly into disposable umbrella bags.

Die-Cast Handles

Each unit handle is manufacturing with a high quality die casting mold, delivering stability and superior safety.

Wheels for Easy Transport

Unit wheels come standard, enabling quick and effortless movement without scratching, scraping, or damaging entryway floors.

Prepare for Inclement Weather

Fall and winter months are an exciting time for business. New school years, holidays, and other special events send crowds of eager customers to storefronts. Fall and winter months are also times when weather is unpredictable and dangerous. Proactively prevent weather from causing liquid accumulation, and protect both business and customer from accidental slip and fall.

Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (Double Dispenser) Items & AccessoriesPrice
Starter Kit: Brushed Stainless - Double Dispenser w/ 2,000 Bags* $774.00
Starter Kit: Gold - Double Dispenser w/ 2,000 Bags* $774.00
Wrapper-only: Brushed Stainless - Double Dispenser (no bags) $679.00
Wrapper-only: Gold - Double Dispenser (no bags) $679.00
Box of 1,000 Long Bags (click here to purchase) $71.00
Box of 1,000 Short Bags (click here to purchase) $64.00
*Includes 2 boxes: One box of 1,000 long bags and one box of 1,000 short bags.  

Looking for the Single Dispenser version? Go to: Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (single dispenser)

Brushed Stainless
Brushed Stainless