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1. What are wet umbrella bag dispensers?

Wet umbrella bag dispensers are free-standing units that hold a large quantity of disposable plastic bags that visitors can use to stow wet umbrellas upon entering a building.

2. Why is it important to use wet umbrella bag dispensers?

The use of these units is important for at least 3 reasons. First, it prevents wet umbrellas from tracking water across entryways, lobbies, corridors, and other areas. Preventing water accumulation is critical in preventing slip and fall accidents.

Second, these units improve overall facility health by preventing water accumulation and the spread of bacteria.

 Finally, these units enhance customer experience and satisfaction by providing guests with a quick, convenient, and effective way to neatly stow an otherwise messy umbrella.

3. Who should invest in these products?

Wet umbrella bag dispensers are ideal for any commercial or residential location that experience low, moderate, or high degree of visitor inflow and outflow. Examples include:

  • Universities and schools
  • Gyms, wellness centers, & spas
  • Stores, shopping malls, and other retail locations
  • Apartments, condominiums, and other residential buildings
  • Hotels, motels, and hospitality industry destinations
  • Public transportation hubs
  • Commercial business centers

4. Where should dispensers be placed?

Dispensers are to be placed just inside the facility’s primary points of entry and exit. Units should be placed in a conspicuous manner with the insertion chamber facing outward. Additional signage can be used to encourage guests to use the unit to quickly and conveniently wrap their umbrella.

5. How to automatic wet umbrella wrappers work?

Our automatic umbrella wrappers feature an all-new Smart Wrapping Process that wraps wet umbrellas more quickly and effectively than any other model. Upon arrival, guests simply insert their umbrella vertically into the unit’s insertion chamber. As it slides downward, the umbrella is automatically wrapped in a single disposable bag. Guest then pulls their wrapped umbrella from the unit horizontally. In one fluid motion, the umbrella is wrapped and carried away, without dripping water on the floor.

6. What is the difference between the single and double dispenser?

Our single dispenser model features 1 insertion chamber to wrap full (standard) size umbrellas. Single dispenser insertion chamber holds 3,000 bags.

Our double dispenser model features 2 side-by-side insertion chambers, 1 for full (standard) size umbrellas and 1 for short (folding) umbrellas. Full insertion chamber holds 3,000 full-sized bags, and the short insertion chamber holds 3,000 half-sized bags.

7. Are replacement bags available?

Yes. Both full-size and half-size umbrella bags are available on our website. Please visit our page on replacement wet umbrella bags for more information.

8. How often should bags be replaced?

Re-stocking will vary, depending on visitor flow and weather. It is recommended that facilities check bag levels regularly to ensure units are re-stocked during busy days, particularly during days of severe/ inclement weather.