New Automatic Umbrella Wrappers Popular Among New York Businesses

Businesses in South Florida are not the only ones to see value in new automatic umbrella wrappers. This spring, our new generation of wet umbrella bag dispensers became a favorite among New York City business owners.

Plagued with an unseasonably cold spring and unpredictable storms, businesses in the Big Apple have faced significant safety challenges that call for renewed attention and focus on visitor safety. In addition to keeping sidewalks shoveled and floor mats cleaned, commercial property owners have begun investing in wet umbrella bag stands and dispensers to further reduce liquid accumulation in entryways.

Most Popular Umbrella Wrappers

The most popular item purchased this spring has been our double dispenser models. The dual chamber design of this unit makes room for twice the number of disposable umbrella bags as our original; One chamber holds long bags for full sized umbrellas while the second chamber holds short bags for smaller, foldable umbrellas. Businesses like this model for the customization it provides guests, as well as its ability to go twice as long without needing restocked with additional bags. The latter is a particularly good advantage when storms last throughout the day— or over the course of several days— as it ensures guests always have an easy and convenient way to store their wet umbrella.

Also popular are our single dispenser automatic umbrella wrappers. These beautiful units feature a single chamber of long umbrella bags, capable of wrapping both regular and folding umbrellas. These units are ideal for locations that experience a milder incidence of rain and inclement weather. They are also popular among bodegas, corner stores, and high end retail shops that receive fewer visitors on a daily basis.

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27. March 2014 by Umbrella Bagger
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