New Automatic Umbrella Wrappers Popular Among New York Businesses

Businesses in South Florida are not the only ones to see value in new automatic umbrella wrappers. This spring, our new generation of wet umbrella bag dispensers became a favorite among New York City business owners.

Plagued with an unseasonably cold spring and unpredictable storms, businesses in the Big Apple have faced significant safety challenges that call for renewed attention and focus on visitor safety. In addition to keeping sidewalks shoveled and floor mats cleaned, commercial property owners have begun investing in wet umbrella bag stands and dispensers to further reduce liquid accumulation in entryways.

Most Popular Umbrella Wrappers

The most popular item purchased this spring has been our double dispenser models. The dual chamber design of this unit makes room for twice the number of disposable umbrella bags as our original; One chamber holds long bags for full sized umbrellas while the second chamber holds short bags for smaller, foldable umbrellas. Businesses like this model for the customization it provides guests, as well as its ability to go twice as long without needing restocked with additional bags. The latter is a particularly good advantage when storms last throughout the day— or over the course of several days— as it ensures guests always have an easy and convenient way to store their wet umbrella.

Also popular are our single dispenser automatic umbrella wrappers. These beautiful units feature a single chamber of long umbrella bags, capable of wrapping both regular and folding umbrellas. These units are ideal for locations that experience a milder incidence of rain and inclement weather. They are also popular among bodegas, corner stores, and high end retail shops that receive fewer visitors on a daily basis.

Free Shipping | 100% Price Match Guarantee

Keep your entryway clean, dry, and safe for guests with umbrella safety products on Order online to receive complimentary shipping and a 100% Price Match Guarantee on all online orders. Shop our online store today!

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5 Ways to Prevent Slips and Falls

Slip and fall injuries are more common and costly than most property owners believe. In fact, slip and fall accidents amounted to more than $10 billion in total costs for American businesses in 2010 (i). In another study, commercial property owners cited slip and fall accidents as the primary cause of most legal disputes faced annually (ii). Undeniably, property owners have much to gain by taking a proactive approach to accident prevention.

How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Anti-slip Floor Mats

There was a time when floor mats were thought to serve only as a protective layer for expensive flooring, like granite, tile, or hardwood. Today, that misconception is long gone. We live in a litigious society, and property owners learned long ago that commercial safety mats can go a long way in keeping entryways clean, dry, and safe.

For best results, property owners are to pair an outdoor mat with a second indoor mat to ensure maximum debris containment. Outside, a weatherproof “scraper mat” with tough ridges and grooves will dislodge big dirt and debris from shoes. Inside, a wider and longer carpet met will serve as a “wiper,” giving guests a large area to wipe dry while entering the building.

Slip and Fall Caution Signs

Some areas are more dangerous than others. For these areas, property owners might find it beneficial to proactively place caution signs by curbs, uneven floor transitions, abrupt drop-offs, and other disruptions in walking surface that might not be noticeable by first time guests.

By law, property owners are required to disclose information on known dangerous. Failure to do so might be construed as negligence, in which property owners could be liable for accidents that occur. Slip and fall caution signs help property owners avoid this common pitfall, helping to notify guests of known dangers and risks.

Exceptional Lighting

Guests are likely to slip, trip, or fall over 100% of the hazards they cannot see. Exceptional lighting is vital, especially at dusk. Exterior floodlights, entryway lights, and the overhead lighting throughout the facility are just 3 areas to be mindful.

Maintenance Personnel

Safety mats, caution signs, and exceptional lighting mean little if they are not properly maintained. Unlike the property owners and/or business management, maintenance personnel are on the frontlines where accidents are most likely to occur. They see debris accumulation, liquid spills, burned-out lights, and other serious hazards long before anyone else. Moreover, they have the tools and knowledge to fix the problem before it has the chance to cause someone serious harm.

Wet Umbrella Bag Stands

Aside form debris, liquid accumulation is one of the biggest causes of slip and fall accidents. Liquid accumulation is particularly hard to manage on rainy days. Rainstorms have a tendency to cause hazardous puddles and slippery conditions at entryways, even when floor mats, safety signs, lights, and vigilant maintenance personnel are present.

Wet umbrella bag stands give guests a place to store and secure their umbrella, significantly reducing the rainwater and mess they carry past the entryway. Wet umbrella bag stands are available in a variety of different sizes, finishes, and styles to complement most interior décor. When paired with mats and other safety products, umbrella bag stands are the final touch to an effective slip and fall prevention plan.


(i) “Workplace Safety Index 2010.” Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety.

(ii) “New Techniques for Slip and Fall Management.” CNA. Download the PDF.

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Umbrella Wrapper Dispensers for High End Destinations

Wet umbrella bag stands are a hot commodity in the hospitality and high-end retail industries because they solve a specific problem with style and simplicity. Before umbrella bag stands became popular, rainy days were synonymous with slick entryways and unsightly dirt and mud accumulation. Worst of all, guests were tasked with carrying wet umbrellas while shopping or exploring the property. For high-end brands and exclusive destinations, such a chore has a subtle yet significantly negative impact on brand image and experience.

Today, umbrella bag stands solve these problems simply by enabling the guest to wrap their wet umbrella upon entering the property. No mess. No hassle.

The next generation of umbrella bag stands is here, feature automatic wrapping mechanisms to more easily and efficiently bag guests’ umbrellas. Despite sharp aesthetics and a novel design, property owners often ask: Why choose an automatic wet umbrella wrapper over a traditional umbrella stand, can, or rack?

Why Choose an Automatic Umbrella Wrapper

So, why choose a model with bells and whistles? After all, guests can just as easily leave a wet umbrella at the entryway to dry on a simple stand, rack, or can. A close examination reveals at least 3 benefits to choosing an “auto wrapper” over a traditional umbrella stand:

1. High-end Style

First and most obvious is the benefit of high-end style that automatic wet umbrella wrappers add to entryways. Umbrella bags are encased within the unit, preserving interior decor while minimizing design disruption. The automatic wrapping feature is an exceptional touch that adds to the customer experience, showing guests that the establishment innovation, service, and safety as top priorities.

2. Protection from liability

Property owners might be liable for lost, stolen, or mislaid items. For this reason, enabling guests to neatly wrap and carry their umbrellas helps to alleviate the risk of becoming liable for an umbrella that is left behind, misplaced, or reported stolen.

3. Enhanced customer experience

High-end property owners understand that some guests demand a particular quality of experience when shopping or vacationing. Auto-wrappers preserve the highest quality of service by eliminating the nuisance created by wet umbrellas, without asking guests to leave them behind to dry.

Learn More About Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers

To learn more about automatic wet umbrella wrappers, call Umbrella Bagger at 1-855-328-8100.

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Umbrella Knowledge: Choosing Between a Stand and Dispenser

Umbrella-Knowledge-Choosing-Between-a-Stand-and-DispenserRainstorms and wet umbrellas can be problematic for property owners. An estimated 60% of all accidents on commercial properties are the direct result of how well— or how poorly— the floor surface is maintained. Floor mats and maintenance personnel must keep things neat and dry, which is a responsibility that becomes more difficult on days of inclement weather. Not surprisingly, property owners and facility managers often turn to additional safety products, like wet umbrella bag stands, to help keep floors dry and safe throughout the day.

When selecting facility safety products, it is helpful to first understand the main causes of dirt, debris, and moisture accumulation. Shoes are perhaps the most well known contributors of facility debris, and the level of dirt and grime carried through the entry way worsens as precipitation increases. Wet umbrellas are another means by which rainwater gets carried into the facility, forming dangerous puddles in unlikely areas.

Choosing an Umbrella Safety Product

Facility managers seldom hesitate to invest in commercial matting to contain the dirt and moisture carried by shoes. Wet umbrellas are an afterthought, and many managers rely on maintenance personnel to reactively clean the messes they make. As with all reactive strategies, reliance on cleaning personnel opens the door for potential slip and fall accidents to occur between the time a puddle forms and the moment it is spotted and cleaned.

To narrow the gap, property owners and facility managers limit their exposure to liability by going the “extra mile” to keep properties clean, dry, and safe on rainy days. All that is required is a simple cost-effective investment in an umbrella stand, rack, or wrapper to help keep rain water in check.

Umbrella Stands, Cans, and Racks

The first type of umbrella safety product is an umbrella stand. Umbrella stands are the oldest and most widely recognized of all products available. They might be simple in design, like the vertical stands and cans seen at commercial (and even residential) entryways. Umbrella stands are also available in rack form, designed to accommodate up to 36 umbrellas in a single unit.


  • Stands, racks, and cans keep umbrellas in an upright or horizontal position so they dry more efficiently.
  • Visitors must leave their umbrella in the unit, reducing the amount of rain water that is tracked beyond the entryway.
  • Puddles are effectively prevented, especially when used in conjunction with entryway matting.


  • Guests might erroneously take the wrong umbrella upon leaving the facility.
  • Guests might forget their umbrella altogether.
  • Property owner might be held liable for lost or mislaid umbrellas.

Wet Umbrella Bag Dispensers

A newer type of umbrella safety product delivers the best of both worlds by allowing guests to retain possession of their umbrella while also eliminating the threat of rain water runoff. These units are positioned at the entryway, and they have an automatic wrapping mechanism that envelops the wet umbrella in a disposable plastic bag. In one fluid motion, guests insert their umbrella and remove it fully bagged.


  • Effectively controls rain water runoff on stormy days by completely enveloping wet umbrellas in an elongated plastic bag.
  • Reduces rain water accumulation on smooth entryway floors.
  • Enables guests to retain possession of their umbrella throughout the duration of their visit.
  • Delivers a “wow” factor that cultivates a positive first impression with guests.


  • More expensive than traditional stands, cans, and racks. Automatic Umbrella Wrappers are preferred by high end residential complexes, hospitality destinations, retail outlets, hospitals, and other public properties where safety and customer experience enhancement are vital.

Find a Customized Solution for Your Property

At Umbrella Bagger, we are passionate about providing commercial-grade safety solutions tailored to meet the needs of any commercial or public property. To learn more about umbrella stands, cans, and new Automatic Umbrella Wrappers, call Client Services at 855-328-8100.

Free Shipping and Price Match Guarantee. To ensure our customers get the right product at the right price, Umbrella Bagger now offers Free Shipping and a 100% Price Match Guarantee for all online orders!

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Wet Umbrellas and Liability

Property owners can sometimes be responsible for items left behind by their guests. For businesses in wet and tropical climates, those items are usually wet or broken umbrellas.

By law, the manner in which the item is left behind determines the extent to which the property owner is responsible, or liable, for that item. The 3 main scenarios that occur often involve mislaid, lost, or abandoned property (discussed below).

As a property owner, there are a few ways in which liability can be managed so as to prevent financial loss, unhappy guests, and a tarnished public image. First, property owners must make sure all employees and facility managers understand how mislaid, lost, and abandoned umbrellas are different. Then, a strategy must be created to handle each scenario properly.

Was the Umbrella Mislaid or Lost?

Understanding the difference between mislaid and lost property is key. In his book titled Hospitality Law: Managing Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry, Stephen Barth explains:

Mislaid property are items that are deliberately placed somewhere, but the owner forgets to retrieve it. If someone leaves an umbrella in a can by the entrance then fails to retrieve it, it is considered “mislaid.”

Lost property include items that are placed somewhere, and the owner forgets where he or she placed it.

Avoid Liability with Wet Umbrella Dispensers

To avoid the pitfalls of mislaid or lost property, it is a good idea for property owners to encourage guests to always maintain possession of their belongs. Wet umbrellas present a unique challenge, however, because they can leave a trail of water that forms dangerous puddles through entryways, in elevator lobbies, and down hallways.

Wet umbrella bag dispensers are an ideal solution, giving guests the ability to neatly wrap, stow, and maintain control of their wet umbrellas safely.

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Free Shipping on All Umbrella Stands and Wrappers

Free-Shipping-on-All-Umbrella-Stands-and-WrappersThis spring, Umbrella Bagger announces a special promotion to make it easier and more affordable than ever to retrofit facilities with state of the art wet umbrella bag stands. All online orders now qualify for a 100% Price Match Guarantee, ensuring customers never pay more for umbrella stands, cans, and automatic wrappers. In addition to a low price guarantee, Umbrella Bagger also offers free shipping for all orders placed online.

Umbrella Bagger showcases a highly specialized line of umbrella safety and storage equipment, ranging from simplistic stands to more advanced automatic wrappers. Price Match and Free Shipping specials apply to all products, promoting awareness for the equipment available to prevent rain-related liquid accumulation and injury.

On the simplistic side, a basic line of umbrella stands, cans, and racks are available in 3 beautiful finishes. These products are available in a variety of sizes, with storage capacity ranging from 4 to 30 wet umbrellas.

For commercial locations that want to wow prospective customers and guests, new Automatic Umbrella Wrappers are also available. Automatic Wrappers feature a special mechanism that effortlessly envelops wet umbrellas in a disposable bag, giving guests a fast and convenient way to insert, wrap, and carry-away their umbrellas. These units are often seen as a superior means of moisture control and accident prevention because they effectively control rainwater runoff without asking patrons to relinquish control of their umbrella or leave it at the entryway.

Free Shipping and 100% Price Match Guarantee on All Umbrella Stands

To learn more, readers are invited to call Umbrella Bagger Client Services at 1-855-328-8100.

Read the full press release:  Umbrellabagger-Announces-Low-Price Guarantee

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Is Your Entryway Making a Positive First Impression?

Looking for a way to improve in-store sales, reinforce your brand image, or leave a lasting impression with guests to your property? There are many reasons why each should remain a major objective for just about every business owner, regardless of industry. From hospitality to commercial retail and sales, few things matter more than driving revenue with a strong brand and customer relations.

Fundamentally, it makes sense to focus on the customer conversion cycle to accomplish such goals. Savvy business owners can even implement psychology to inform, sell, and retain prospects, effectively driving them through the conversion cycle to generate long-term returns.

The study of psychology and sales has seen massive growth since the 1970s. There are a variety of texts, videos, and web-based apps dedicated to helping business owners harness the power of psychology to better serve customers and improve overall business performance.

How Psychology Affects Sales

In his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” Robert Cialdini, Ph.D. provides a concise and clear overview of the basic psychological drivers behind most consumer choice. They are:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment/ Consistency
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Social Proof
  • Scarcity

It all begins with a positive first impression. And for new customers, the first impression typically begins at the store, hotel, or property entrance.

Sales Start at the Entrance

We’ve all been there before: You enter a building, it feels unkept, and you are left feeling unwelcome or unimportant. Few situations are more damaging to the prospect of new customers and sales, which is why it’s vital for property owners to remember that sales start at the entrance of their store/property.

Bright interior decor, custom logo matting, wet umbrella bag stands, and (if the setting is right) a Greeter all make for a positive first impression with visitors and set the foundation for long-term relations. Let’s take a look at how these commercial products and best practices have a psychological impact on sales:


The concept of reciprocity says if you give a customer something, they are more likely to feel the desire to reciprocate with something in return. Perhaps it’s a sale, or maybe it’s simply contact information that can lead to profitable long-term relationship. In either case, creating a warm and welcoming environment gives the customer a positive first impression and demonstrates a genuine level of care, increasing the likelihood they will reciprocate to your business with something of value.


The Liking concept is simple: Customers are more likely to give a sale to a brand or person with which they feel a general sense of linking. In this way, the entryway represents the ideal opportunity to demonstrate to visitors that your brand is likable. Keep things tidy, use an inviting color scheme, keep floors pristine, and offer extras like a place to stow their wet umbrella.

Final Touch: Making Rainy Days More Comfortable

As the retail industry saying goes, The devil is in the details. Brands can separate themselves from the competition by remaining attentive to details, especially those that leverage principles of psychology to improve customer experience.

Free Shipping, Low Price Guarantee

Shop umbrella bag stands and give potential customers a reason to pause, smile, and feel appreciated when entering your place of business. We proudly represent the finest umbrella storage and safety products on the Web. To learn more about Umbrella Bagger, contact Client Services as 855-328-8100.

Followup Reading

6 Psychological Triggers That Win Sales and Influence Customers

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New Automatic Umbrella Wrappers Now Available

In a special press release sent to New York and South Florida businesses and property owners, Umbrella Bagger announced the arrival of new automatic umbrella wrapping units designed to keep commercial facilities clean, dry, and safe. The new units are available in single dispenser and double dispenser models, providing two unique solutions for facilities with varying degrees of visitor traffic.

A new spin on an old best-seller. The new auto-wrapping units are a new spin on an old favorite: the Wet Umbrella Bag Stand. Whereas the original simply presented hanging bags to guests, newer auto-wrapping units keep the bags neatly housed within the dispenser, inviting guests to insert a wet umbrella to have it conveniently wrapped.

The new auto-wrappers are quickly becoming a favorite among New York and South Florida businesses. Though on opposite ends of the Atlantic Seaboard, New York and South Florida cities have a common safety concern: Rain. Rainy days present a real problem for property owners. Water accumulation, indoor puddles, and slip incidence all increase as storms worsen.

Along with commercial matting, wet umbrella bag dispensers are an effective way to protect guests from slip and fall accidents. These units provide guests with a plastic bag in which wet umbrellas are placed, thereby reducing umbrella-related water accumulation in entryways, across lobby floors, and within elevator lobbies.

Free Shipping & Low Price Guarantee on All Products

Umbrella Bagger announces the arrival of new auto-wrapping units, the easiest and most convenient way for guests to bag and stow wet umbrellas on rainy days. After inserting the umbrella into the wrapping unit, it is quickly bagged in a single fluid motion. The units serve a large number of guests with greater efficiency because of their auto-wrapping mechanism, making them a favorite among facilities in wet climates that experience a great degree of visitor traffic and turnover.

Shop wet umbrella bag stands online at, and receive free shipping and a 100% Price Match Guarantee on all online orders!

Read the full press release: Click on the following link to read the full press release: Automatic Umbrella Wrappers Have Arrived at

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Apartment Safety Tips

Ensuring tenant safety in condos, apartments, and other residential buildings.

Apartment-safety-tipsThe discussion of apartment safety often takes a back seat to discussions on commercial safety, perhaps because visitor turnover and increased exposure to weather makes commercial spaces ripe with dangers for guests. Nevertheless, developers and property owners are wise to consider tenant safety when conceptualizing, building, and managing residential living spaces.

Pictured left is a wet umbrella bag stand positioned outside the Four Ambassadors Hotel and Residences in Miami, Florida. Refer to this image as you read the rest of this article, and consider how these simple products speak volumes about a building’s commitment to providing superior comfort and safety for guests.

Why care about tenant safety?

It’s projected that about 5 to 6 million families will become renters by 2013, according to statistics gathered by the National Association of Realtors. Some point to the mortgage crisis of 2008 as a main cause for this increasing population of renters. The lackluster recovery of the U.S. economy might likewise be keeping people renting, as fewer Americans have the liquidity to afford purchasing a new home.

As the population of renters continues to climb, the concern for tenant safety will likewise become an increasingly important issue for property owners.

Why property owners should invest in umbrella wrappers

Last month, our editorial team ranked residential apartment complexes as 1 of the top 5 places that benefit from wet umbrella wrappers. From property owners from liability to enhancing tenant living experience, here are the top 3 reasons property owners should make the cost effective leap toward safer entryways with these unique products.

1. Prevent liability for slip and fall accidents.

By law, property owners have the legal responsibility to keep premises safe for visitors. They must also take reasonable action to repair unsafe conditions, and they must warn guests of known dangers.

A slick floor surface that becomes slippery and dangerous when wet can sometimes constitute a known danger. Additionally, failure to clean liquid accumulation may constitute negligence, which can ultimately make the property owner responsible for any injuries that result.

To prevent liability, property owners must employ management teams, maintenance personnel, and safety products to keep things safe for all guests. Wet umbrella wrappers are a proactive and cost-effective way to do so, particularly during days of inclement weather.

2. Protect tenants from the development of mold and mildew.

Umbrella wrappers do more than just prevent slip and fall accidents. In keeping precipitation under control, these products also prevent standing liquid accumulation and the formation of mold and mildew. This is particularly important to implement in clubhouses and other common areas for which proper cleaning and upkeep is the responsibility of the management team.

3. Improve the building’s image.

Safety is not the only benefit offered by wet umbrella wrappers. True, these units keep puddles from causing slips, falls, and hazardous mold formation. But they add value in another less obvious way: They build community image.

By providing automatic umbrella wrappers, property managers convey genuine concern for the well-being and comfort of their guests. Whether tenants, guests, or prospective renters, all can appreciate the kind and thoughtful gesture that these units display.

Learn More About Umbrella Wrappers for Residential Buildings

To learn more about umbrella stands, dispensers, and automatic wrappers for residential buildings, readers are invited to contact Umbrella Bagger Customer Services at 855-328-8100.

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Holiday Season Retail Safety Checklist

How to protect employees and visitors during the busiest shopping days of the year.

By mid-afternoon of Black Friday 2008, media outlets nationwide reported the same heartbreaking story: An elderly employee of a mega-retailer had been trampled to death by a mob of unruly shoppers. Since that time, retailers have committed to improving safety for both employees and shoppers during the busy sales events of the winter holiday season.

The following Black Friday Safety Checklist draws vital information from Federal safety agencies and is intended to help storefront owners effectively manage crowds of customers. With a bit of proactive preparation, retailers can take positive steps to ensure the tragic events of Friday, November 28th are never repeated.

Review OSHA’s Crowd Management Safety Guidelines for Retailers

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published an online reference for all retailers to provide tips for preventing in-store accidents and injuries during busy sales events. Effective crowd management, according to OSHA, is critical in preventing accidents and fatal injuries.

Planning for the Event

Whether planning for Black Friday or prepping for large December crowds, OSHA recommends retailers take the following precautions:

1. Examine all major points of entry. Determine where the largest inflow and outflow of shoppers will occur, and station additional employees or security personnel as needed.

2. Verify the property’s compliance with all safety codes and requirements. This is most efficiently done by contacting local fire, police, and other municipality authorities.

3. To improve emergency response, designate one specific employee per shift to be responsible for contacting the police, EMTs, or the fire department in the case of an emergency.

Setting Up for the Event

As the day of the sales event draws closer, OSHA recommends retailers pay close attention to the following issues and challenges while prepping the store:

1. Use posts, stanchions, and crowd control devices to create queues that will control the crowd as they enter the store. Create similar crowd control systems to sort shoppers into lines so they may make their purchase and exit the premises quickly and efficiently.

2. Designate employees to serve as Greeters, directing the public to specific line queues and/or points of entry as they arrive to the store.

3. Inside, display special sale items in a designated area that is easily accessible and clearly marked. This will reduce overcrowding in certain areas, and it will help shoppers find popular items quickly.

During the Big Day

Of course, special precautions must be taken on the day of the sales event. This is when crowds of customers will surge the aisles of the store, making it imperative that all employees, staff, and security personnel work together to ensure everyone’s safety. OSHA recommends retailers consider the following safety guidelines:

1. Designate a special entrance area for employees so personnel can enter and leave the premises freely. Station security personnel at the employee entrance to prevent public use.

2. Position uniformed security personnel at all points of major entry. Staff additional police, if needed. Positioning these trained professionals in highly visible areas will both discourage aggression among shoppers while also promoting feelings of safety.

3. Carefully monitor customer inflow, and do not let additional shoppers enter the premises after maximum occupancy is reached.

Read the Full OSHA Report

The items above are just a small sample of a much larger report that OSHA has produced to help retailers control crowds and maintain safety during sales events this year. For the full report, including additional tips on responding to emergency situations, visit the complete Crowd Management Safety Guidelines for Retailers.

Umbrella Bagger: Committed to a Safe Shopping Experience

Umbrella Bagger stands committed to helping retailers create a safe shopping experience this holiday season.

In addition to following OSHA recommendations for effective crowd management, retailers are invited to learn more about slip and fall prevention with wet umbrella bag stands. Proactively prevent rain and snow puddles to keep entryways clean, dry, and safe through major sales events and days of inclement weather.

To learn more, call Umbrella Bagger Client Services at 855-328-8100.

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