New Automatic Umbrella Wrappers Now Available

In a special press release sent to New York and South Florida businesses and property owners, Umbrella Bagger announced the arrival of new automatic umbrella wrapping units designed to keep commercial facilities clean, dry, and safe. The new units are available in single dispenser and double dispenser models, providing two unique solutions for facilities with varying degrees of visitor traffic.

A new spin on an old best-seller. The new auto-wrapping units are a new spin on an old favorite: the Wet Umbrella Bag Stand. Whereas the original simply presented hanging bags to guests, newer auto-wrapping units keep the bags neatly housed within the dispenser, inviting guests to insert a wet umbrella to have it conveniently wrapped.

The new auto-wrappers are quickly becoming a favorite among New York and South Florida businesses. Though on opposite ends of the Atlantic Seaboard, New York and South Florida cities have a common safety concern: Rain. Rainy days present a real problem for property owners. Water accumulation, indoor puddles, and slip incidence all increase as storms worsen.

Along with commercial matting, wet umbrella bag dispensers are an effective way to protect guests from slip and fall accidents. These units provide guests with a plastic bag in which wet umbrellas are placed, thereby reducing umbrella-related water accumulation in entryways, across lobby floors, and within elevator lobbies.

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Umbrella Bagger announces the arrival of new auto-wrapping units, the easiest and most convenient way for guests to bag and stow wet umbrellas on rainy days. After inserting the umbrella into the wrapping unit, it is quickly bagged in a single fluid motion. The units serve a large number of guests with greater efficiency because of their auto-wrapping mechanism, making them a favorite among facilities in wet climates that experience a great degree of visitor traffic and turnover.

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Read the full press release: Click on the following link to read the full press release: Automatic Umbrella Wrappers Have Arrived at

14. January 2014 by Umbrella Bagger
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