Umbrella Wrapper Dispensers for High End Destinations

Wet umbrella bag stands are a hot commodity in the hospitality and high-end retail industries because they solve a specific problem with style and simplicity. Before umbrella bag stands became popular, rainy days were synonymous with slick entryways and unsightly dirt and mud accumulation. Worst of all, guests were tasked with carrying wet umbrellas while shopping or exploring the property. For high-end brands and exclusive destinations, such a chore has a subtle yet significantly negative impact on brand image and experience.

Today, umbrella bag stands solve these problems simply by enabling the guest to wrap their wet umbrella upon entering the property. No mess. No hassle.

The next generation of umbrella bag stands is here, feature automatic wrapping mechanisms to more easily and efficiently bag guests’ umbrellas. Despite sharp aesthetics and a novel design, property owners often ask: Why choose an automatic wet umbrella wrapper over a traditional umbrella stand, can, or rack?

Why Choose an Automatic Umbrella Wrapper

So, why choose a model with bells and whistles? After all, guests can just as easily leave a wet umbrella at the entryway to dry on a simple stand, rack, or can. A close examination reveals at least 3 benefits to choosing an “auto wrapper” over a traditional umbrella stand:

1. High-end Style

First and most obvious is the benefit of high-end style that automatic wet umbrella wrappers add to entryways. Umbrella bags are encased within the unit, preserving interior decor while minimizing design disruption. The automatic wrapping feature is an exceptional touch that adds to the customer experience, showing guests that the establishment innovation, service, and safety as top priorities.

2. Protection from liability

Property owners might be liable for lost, stolen, or mislaid items. For this reason, enabling guests to neatly wrap and carry their umbrellas helps to alleviate the risk of becoming liable for an umbrella that is left behind, misplaced, or reported stolen.

3. Enhanced customer experience

High-end property owners understand that some guests demand a particular quality of experience when shopping or vacationing. Auto-wrappers preserve the highest quality of service by eliminating the nuisance created by wet umbrellas, without asking guests to leave them behind to dry.

Learn More About Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers

To learn more about automatic wet umbrella wrappers, call Umbrella Bagger at 1-855-328-8100.

11. March 2014 by Umbrella Bagger
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