Top 5 Places for Wet Umbrella Bag Dispensers

Which locations benefit most from wet umbrella bag dispensers? In short, these specialty items are ideal for any location in which safety, cleanliness, and a high standard of service are imperative. From condominium complexes to commercial buildings and banks, the establishments that benefit from these devices are many and varied. No matter what the location, on thing remains constant: Helping a guest to stow a wet umbrella is a simple act that can go a long way in creating a memorable first impression.

Controlling rainwater accumulation is vital when it comes to maintaining a clean, dry, and safe environment as well. Contrary to popular belief, it is often the condition of the floor that causes the accident—not the clumsiness of the person who falls (i). In this light, staying proactive in controlling wet umbrellas and the rainwater they carry is essential in preventing unnecessary slips, trips, and falls during rainy days.

5 Settings That Are Ideal for Umbrella Wrappers

The following 5 locations are the most ideal settings for these unique safety products.

Residential apartment buildings

Whether purchasing a unit or leasing for the year, apartment complexes are first and foremost judged on the quality of life they provide to residents. Aesthetics, common areas, amenities, and staff are all vital selling points. It’s important to remember that curb appeal is everything, and wet umbrella bag stands are a fine touch that residents and guests are sure to enjoy. Moreover, these devices are highly effective in proactively preventing accidents that can otherwise occur when rainwater is left to form puddles on the floor.

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings benefit from umbrella bag dispensers for much the same reason that residential complexes do. An important difference, however, lies in the footwear of the guests who frequent the premises. Whether dressing business casual or donning a suit, professional men and women typically wear shoes with smoother soles and less grip than average sneakers. The smallest touch of rainwater or debris can cause a serious slip and fall, making it more dangerous than usual to allow guests to carry wet umbrellas through the entryway, lobby, and interior corridors.


Security, comfort, and superior customer service are often the three most important values financial lending institutions leverage when competing for new customers. Although umbrella bag dispensers won’t prevent fraud or identity theft, they will make those rainy day trips to the bank a more comfortable experience. After all, no one likes waiting in line with a sopping wet umbrella and their arm.

College campuses

Few communities spend more time traveling from building to building throughout the day than the students, professors, and staff that make up our nation’s college campuses. Add wind and rain to the mix, and it’s easy to see how slip and fall accidents can become a real threat. With such a high level of turnover throughout the day, campus buildings are smart to invest in safety products that keep dirt, debris, and moisture in check. Floor mats are essential, and umbrella bag dispensers are a vital complement, especially in the entryways of auditoriums, fitness centers, and other places that attract high profile events.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts are an escape from the ordinary. And although people travel to these destinations to take a break from reality, they still appreciate a warm and comfortable environment. Umbrella bag dispensers are a simple way to make a positive first impression, particularly for tropical destinations that experience unpredictable storms and rainfall.

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(i) “New Techniques to Control Slips and Falls.” National Floor Safety Institute. Accessed 23 August 2013.

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