Announces New Awareness Campaign for a Safe Holiday Shopping Season

This winter, Umbrella Bagger has announced a special awareness campaign to encourage businesses to re-evaluate visitor safety. This holiday season is 1 weekend shorter than that of 2012, creating the potential for larger crowds that are more difficult to manage.

As we’ve covered in many blog articles and studies this year, one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction and visitor safety is to focus on making sure floor surfaces are clean, dry, and safe. The importance of floors was highlighted earlier this year when American insurance company, CNA, released a new study indicating that poorly maintained floors were the #1 contributing factor in slip and fall accident cases. For some, this statistic was a departure from conventional wisdom, as many would intuitively guess that slips and falls had more to do with visitor footwear and/or clumsiness.

In keeping entryways safe, customers are sure to feel a firm foothold and a warm welcome when entering storefronts to shop during the 2013 holiday season.

Spreading Awareness for In-store Accident Prevention

The biggest reason we are spreading awareness for visitor safety during the holiday shopping season is simple: Accidents are more likely to occur when storefronts are busy, overcrowded, and offering big sales. Retailers know firsthand that each of those variables has major influence during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, making now the perfect time to re-think storefront safety products and protocols.

Moreover, the snow and rain of winter months has the potential to make entryways even more treacherous than normal. To prepare, retailers are encouraged to be mindful of the 10 days that are predicted to be the busiest this season:

  1. November 29th: Black Friday
  2. December 21st: Super Saturday
  3. December 22nd
  4. December 20th
  5. December 14th
  6. December 23rd
  7. December 26th (the day following Christmas)
  8. November 30th (Saturday following Black Friday)
  9. December 7th
  10. 10. December 28th

Tips for Preventing Slippery Floors

With the top 10 busiest shopping days in mind, property owners must shift gears to think about visitor safety from the ground-up. Below are 3 essential tips for making sure that storefronts, particularly high traffic entryways, stay clean, dry, and safe for shoppers.

1. Use floor mats for added traction.

Floor mats are perhaps one of the oldest and most well-known methods of accident prevention. Mats are available in a variety of makes and models, each of which can add a significant layer of traction on which customers can walk while simultaneously drying their shoes.

2. Offer coat racks or coat check services.

Floor mats are just the foundation for a slip-free season, however. It’s important to understand other ways in which snow, ice, and rainwater can penetrate facilities and cause hazardous puddles. One way precipitation is carried past entryways and throughout the storefront is by way of wet raincoats and other outdoor apparel. Offer a place for guests to check their coats, and you’ll reap two benefits: Precipitation control, and customer experience enhancement. Allow guests to easily shed their wet coats, and create an in-store environment that invites happy shopping.

3. Offer wet umbrella bags to guests.

Umbrellas are particularly good at carrying precipitation past entryways, as they are often carried throughout the store with little thought of the mess they make. As property owners, keeping up with liquid accumulation from wet umbrellas can be a challenge that can lead to slips, trips, and falls when left unchecked. Place wet umbrella bag dispensers at all major points of entry, and give guests a convenient way to stow their umbrellas while they shop.

Keeping Things Clean, Dry, and Safe This Winter

Visit Umbrella Bagger for additional information on wet umbrella bag stands, disposable bags, and other safety products. For order information and assistance, call toll free 1-855-328-8100.

Read the full press release by clicking on the following link: PRWeb-Umbrella Bagger Spreads Awareness for In Store Accident Prevention

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