Miami Businesses Use Umbrella Wrappers to Promote Safety This Hurricane Season

As the threat of heavy wind and rain keeps Miami homeowners on edge, local businesses are taking measures to weather the storm. Throughout the community, storefronts, hotels, and other commercial facilities are taking actionable steps to keep normal operating hours and improve visitor safety. Investing in new lighting, signage, handrails, floor mats, and other facility safety products is critical, each of which contributes to protecting businesses from liability during such a dangerous season.

This summer, a new product has emerged to keep facilities clean, dry, and safe. Aptly named Umbrella Baggers bag-and-stow wet umbrellas so visitors can carry them throughout the facility, without leaving a trail of dangerous rainwater.

Improving Safety Through Stowing Wet Umbrellas

Few regions present greater weather-related challenges to American business owners than Miami. Known as the “Gateway to the Americas,” Miami is a transportation hub for millions of people and billions of tons of cargo annually. And while scorching hot summer temperatures make warehousing and logistics operations a trying endeavor, the wind and rain of hurricane season imposes severe risk and danger on retail business owners and shoppers alike.

And while operations cannot cease under the threat of pending storms, business owners nevertheless turn their focus to improving visitor safety through proactive accident prevention. In doing so, floors become a focal point, leading facilities to invest in matting and other safety products that prevent slip and fall accidents.

Why Invest in Wet Umbrella Wrappers?

There are certain situations in which floor mats, handrails, signs, and adequate lighting can fall short in preventing accidents. In such situation is when a guest carries a wet umbrella into a facility, leaving a trail of rainwater that can cause puddles, slips, and falls.

Wet Umbrella Wrappers provide an effective solution to this problem. Our new line of Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers are a premium solution, giving guests the ability to bag and stow their umbrella in one simple motion. To learn more, visit this article on why wet umbrellas are a safety concern.

Thinking About Liability This Season

Slip and fall accidents might trigger liability claims, making it vital that businesses invest in safety products and employee education initiatives that prevent liability before it becomes a costly issue. Liability prevention becomes increasingly important in times of inclement weather, as heightened wind, rain, and other elements make business environments more dangerous.

For tips on how to prevent accidents and keep employees mindful of these issues, visit this article on liability prevention.

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12. August 2013 by Umbrella Bagger
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