Slip and Fall Accident Prevention

No matter what the industry, slip and fall accidents are a cause for concern. The stakes are high, as accidents cost businesses inordinate amounts of time, money, and other valuable resources. By focusing on slip and fall accident prevention, businesses can proactively limit their exposure to risk, liability, and loss.

After assembling a maintenance and safety team that understands the risks associated with facility operations, it’s time to identify the top causes of workplace accidents. In paying attention to these factors, teams will be better able to identify and disarm potentially dangerous conditions, before they cause an accident.

Top 5 Causes of Accidents

Dirt and Soil

Dirt and soil are among the most common causes for accidents. Like liquid and moisture accumulation, dirt and soil can make floor surfaces slippery and difficult to walk across.

What to Look For: Maintenance crews should pay close attention to the exterior of the facility, particularly sidewalks, stairways, and ramps that lead from parking lot to main entrance. Areas bordered by grass, flower beds, and other landscaping are particularly prone to dirt and soil accumulation on rainy days. Crews can use push brooms, hoses, and pressure washers to keep these heavily trafficked walkways safe. Additionally, outdoor/weatherproof rubber entrance mats can be used to clean debris from guests’ shoes before entering the building.

Smooth Entryway Floors

Just inside the entryway, floor spaces represent another area that maintenance crews and managers should monitor. These areas typically feature granite, hardwood, tile, and other smooth surfaces that become extremely slippery and dangerous when wet.

What to Look For: Puddles, spills, and other liquid accumulation are the most dangerous things to watch for. Crews are to mop and sweep these conditions as soon as they occur to prevent accidents. Use of walk-off mats is also recommended. These highly absorbent mats ensure maximum containment of liquid while also providing traction and a clean place to wipe one’s shoes.

Rainwater Accumulation

Entryways become especially dangerous on rainy days. In times of inclement weather, crews and managers are wise to remain on “high alert” for the accumulation of puddles and other dangerous situations.

What to Look For: Watch for guests who leave wet umbrellas by the entryway. A common practice, this unfortunate habit can promote puddles while also presenting a tripping hazard that is hard to see. Use wet umbrella bag stands and visible signage to encourage guests to quickly and conveniently stow their umbrellas. These simple products are a quick fix that goes a long way in maintaining the professional appearance of the lobby/ reception area while also preventing accidents.

Untidy Mats

Floor mats are exceptional when it comes to keeping floors clean, dry, and safe. However, they are only effective when they are properly placed.

What to Look For: Crews must check-in on floor mats to make sure they do not become disoriented, flipped, rolled, or otherwise tangled during peak business hours. Additionally, mats must be laundered regularly to ensure maximum retention of incoming moisture and debris.

Indoor/Outdoor Stairways and Ramps

Though they are a common part of everyday life, stairways and ramps can be a dangerous obstacle, especially on days of inclement weather.

What to Look For: Make sure steps, landing areas, and ramps are clear of all debris and moisture. Clean when they become untidy, and invest in stair treads, landing area tiles, and “grit strips” to improve traction. Crews must also pay attention to overhead/ outdoor lighting, making sure to replace light bulbs regularly to ensure maximum visibility at all times. The use of warning signs and placards is also recommended to alert guests of stairways, ramps, and other abrupt transitions.

Learn More About Accident Prevention

To learn more about preventing accidents with industry-leading safety products, contact Umbrella Bagger online or call customer services for complimentary consultation at 855-328-8100.

Guest may learn more about the real costs of slip and fall accidents by logging on to the National Floor Safety Instituteonline.

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