Have a Slip-Free-Fall with These Safety Products

Most retailers will agree: Fall months can be a dangerous time to be in business. A combination of seasonal sales, excited crowds, and unpredictable severe weather can easily lead to slips, trips, and falls. Failure to take reasonable measures to ensure visitor safety can expose property owners to liability for any injuries sustained on the premises.

With danger comes opportunity, however, as fall months and the holiday shopping season drive large crowds, sales, and high revenues. To make the most out of this profitable opportunity, property owners are encouraged to get proactive in accident prevention. In addition to hiring maintenance personnel and reviewing proper cleaning protocol, property owners are wise to evaluate the premises and think of cost effective ways to invest in safety products that will keep heavily trafficked areas clean, dry, and safe.

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1. Outdoor Rubber Matting

Safety mats made of 100% commercial-grade rubber Nitrile make superb outdoor entrance mats. With deep surface grooves, these mats aggressively “squeegee” shoes clean of both dirt and moisture.

2. Indoor Walk-Off Mats

Just inside entryways, carpet surfaced “walk off mats” are an ideal supplement to outdoor mats. Not only do these heavy duty mats deliver a high degree of traction on slick entryway floors, they also provide a second line of defense against incoming dirt, moisture, and bacteria. After crossing both outdoor mats and indoor walk-off mats, industry experts estimate that up to 60% of incoming debris can be contained and prevented from entering the rest of the facility.

3. Recessed Grill Systems

Some facilities experience such a high degree of visitor inflow and outflow that special solutions are needed. For these facilities, recessed grill systems provide superior cleaning and containment of incoming debris.

4. Crowd Control Systems

Beyond the entryway, property owners must make an effort to control crowds, keep products accessible, and provide service in an efficient manner. Crowd control systems can help, giving managers the ability to assemble custom line queues to organize customers according to their needs. Moreover, effective crowd management can significantly improve the rate at which customers are serviced, which ultimately enhances both revenue and customer experience.

5. Umbrella Bag Dispensers

Both rain and snow present a serious problem for property owners, particularly when guests rush throw entryways with wet or snow covered umbrellas. On days of inclement weather, wet umbrellas track water well beyond the absorbent surfaces of entrance mats, causing puddles and slick spots in hard-to-see areas. Wet umbrella bag dispensers provide a highly effective solution, enabling guests to wrap their umbrellas upon entering the building.

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