Washington DC Businesses Welcome Automatic Umbrella Wrappers This Fall

More and more, businesses are beginning to invest in unique products that enhance overall customer experience. From multi-channel customer relationship management (CRM) systems to customer-driven social media campaigns, organizations are embracing the idea that up-front investment in customer-centric products and services can translate to long term revenue, loyalty, and repeat business. Not all investments in customer experience are digital, however.

In some cases, investments in customer experience might include physical products that improve the in-store sales process. Accessible product displays, for example, make it easy and entertaining for customers to try products prior to purchase. Vibrant logo mats likewise improve customer experience, reinforcing the company’s brand image while also keeping heavily trafficked customer areas clean, dry, and safe. During rainy months, another new and unique product has rapidly risen in popularity among businesses in our nation’s capital: wet umbrella bag dispensers.

It’s easy to see what wet umbrella bag stands– the units that dispense disposable plastic bags in which visitors store wet umbrellas– are such a popular product this fall. The product itself provides 2 valuable benefits to both visitors and businesses. For visitors, the forward-thinking safety solutions serve to tame otherwise pesky wet umbrellas, making it easy for customers to stay neat and dry while shopping. This function confers a substantial benefit to the business or property owner as well, preventing the accumulation of rainwater on floor spaces that ultimately causes slips, trips, falls, and liability.

Aiming for a Safe, User-Friendly Fall

But just how big of a problem are slip and fall accidents this fall? To answer this important question, we turn to two authorities on workplace safety and accident prevention. The first is the Liberty Mutual Research Institute, an organization that produced a study in 2010 indicating that slip and fall accidents at work cost American businesses upwards of $13 billion in 2008 alone (i).

If the Liberty Mutual statistic isn’t alarming enough, businesses and property owners can look to American insurance company CNA. In 2010, CNA produced a case study in which 57% of property owners reported slip and fall accidents as the most costly and time consuming category of disputes in 2008 (ii).

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18. September 2013 by Umbrella Bagger
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